Indian Fashion jewelry - Steep in Custom

The discovery of several handmade accessories in various materials at excavation sites all over India suggests that precious jewelry has always been an essential part of custom and customized. Before the discovery of rare-earth elements, it is thought accessories were made with natural materials such as stones, clay, wood, bones, plumes and many more. From fashion jewelry made from natural products, to creative, designer pieces in rare-earth elements Indian Fashion Jewelry has definitely come a long way.

In India, the status of precious jewelry is not limited to just its ornamental value. Standard accessories in India include anklets, armlets, bangles, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, nose rings, pendants, toe rings, waistbands and even arm bands. The Indian Fashion Jewelry market continues to flourish thanks to its large range of designs and styles.

Indian Fashion Jewelry is known for the detailed craftsmanship that enters into its making. Each area in India has its own design of making and creating numerous ornaments, causing an unimaginable variety of choices for customers to select from. The areas of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa are known for their fine filigree work. Filigree requires precision and sound technical knowledge of the products, along with tons of patience and a keen eye for information. Done mainly on silver, ornaments rich in filigree work is immensely popular in Egypt, Italy and Spain.

Nagercoil is popular for its temple style accessories while Delhi is popular for pieces rich in kundan work, or the art of setting precious and semi-precious stones in gold. Tribal Jewelry, made from natural materials such as bone, wood, clay and shells, is likewise a blossoming market in India.

Ornaments today are crafted from different materials, the most essential ones being gold, silver, platinum and glass. The treatment of each of these materials is different in different states, providing Indian fashion jewelry with pieces that exemplify basic beauty to extravagant pieces rich with ingrained stones and fragile carvings. Contribute to this the fact that these accessories have actually adapted to the times, while still managing to keep its identity and it is clear why Indian Fashion Jewelry is producing waves the world over, resulting in a universal demand.